What are your charges for conducting Mediations?

The charge is $275/hr. no matter how many parties are in the Mediation. I charge the same per hour for my time. For example, a Mediation with four parties that lasts 5 hours would cost $1375 to be paid $343.75 by each party, unless the parties agree otherwise.

Do I always need a lawyer to represent me against the employer and/or carrier?

You may not have any issues at the outset of your case, but you do need to know your rights and the responsibilities of the insurance company to you. If there are issues about lost wages or medical care, you do need an attorney. If there are no pending issues, an explanation of the workers’ compensation system is something you definitely need. There is no charge for any consultation with us. The insurance company pays the attorney fee.

Am I entitled to a lump sum settlement?

Only if the carrier and you agree to the terms of a settlement. .No judge can force a settlement on you or the carrier. Insurance companies want to at least discuss a settlement. You should never negotiate a settlement with an adjuster without first talking with an experienced workers comp attorney. There is no charge for a consultation with us.